About Us

Note from Peter Barrett.

Where did the idea come from?

"It came from a video tape which originally had a recording of my father, John, on it. Long before he passed the tape had been recorded over, but interestingly the new recordings were not quite consecutive on the tape. Between a couple of these new recordings there is less than a second of my father speaking. That is the only record of his voice now.

From this came the idea to offer a system whereby we could capture our own voices so our loved ones would have them to cherish in the future and also to give it a bit of meaning - hence the idea to release these recordings over time to coincide with a chosen event. A gift that can keep on giving. Having lost my job in the oil industry I had the time and opportunity to do something completely different.

As I thought more about it, I realized here was a chance for children to meet grandparents they may never have really known. When some pass too early, if they have captured their voices, there is a gift for those close to them who may wish to hear/see their young parent.

The idea is to enjoy and celebrate, to have something different to look forward to on your birthday (for example).

At the same time we hope to help some charities out by giving a proportion of our proceeds to charity.

Peter John
Peter Barrett, Founder.
This site is all about helping others, so we hope that when everyone checks out they select one of the charities offered. We picked charities we believed in, but also charities where a high percentage of the funds donated actually goes to helping those who need it; rather than those where a high proportion goes to administrative uses.

We have a studio in our office which can be rented by the hour to record messages, feel free to pop in and say "Hello", we will always have tea and coffee available.

We will also continue to develop the site and welcome any feedback; we hope it evolves with time so please do check back and have a look at our news section.

It is never too early to start recording, so please remember, Live on Digitally and thank you for visiting our site."